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Excellent Product

I think I feel less stressed, it’s only early days but very happy. Also I purchased for pain management

Excellent product

A great product that helps manage my rheumatoid arthritis pain.
I find I get a better sleep also. Reasonably quick delivery.

Very impressed

I loved it! Used it for 3 days and I have already started to see the difference in my anxiety levels, I will buy again when I run out. Thank you!

Highly recommended!

I'm very happy with this oil. I ordered Strong strength and taking half a dropper of it and I can see a lot is changing within my body, less pain and I'm able to sleep well finally. I was a little hesitant before buying but lucky I did.

A Blessing

Was so impressed immediately. I was reluctant to try but am so pleased I did. It works more quickly than I expected.....No side effects just calm vibes.....happy days

Good quality wick service

Good quality and quick and convenient service. Easy to deal with and keep us up to date

Pure cbd oil 4500mg

I really like the product works well and is more affordable than all the others on the market it has changed my life for the better love this oil

It has been over two weeks now and I have been taking 0.75ml twice daily and have found a noticeable improvement to my anxiety and impulsivity. Daily activities are less overwhelming and I don't appear to have any side effects from taking it either. I am happy with the product and will continue to buy.

Thank you so much. After being in chronic pain for so long,this is such a blessing, give ing relief and a quality of life Again

Excellent results

I bought this product for my wife and having used it she tells me it’s great and does the job of stopping pain in her hands toes and arm , she happily doesn’t need it all the time but only when she has pains, so therefore it’s working well for her so Excellent Results, so we can highly recommend it to anyone. Happy customer thank you

Very effective

Been dosing at nite and morning to help manage my arthritis pain. Helps me sleep and manage my days at work.

Ozzy Hemp works brilliantly

I have been using Ozzy Hemp for a while now. I got it initially to help improve my sleep but have noticed it helps with muscle soreness and IBS as well.

Ozzy hemp 4500

So far we have found this product good we would like to see how we are in another month of usage


I am very impressed with the oil it is reducing the chronic back pain i have had for years


Seems to be clearing up skin conditions where nothing else would work.

Worked fine cut down on pain meds

Great hemp (CBD)

One of the best hemp products I have tried works quickly

Less pain

Have had aching hips for a while Ozzy Hemp definitely eases the pain.

American Desperate for CBD

I just moved to Oz from North America, where cannabis is accessible at any time. I am desperate for CBD as it helps with my anxiety and chronic pain.
The CBD I ordered from Ozzy Hemp was good enough to help, but it certainly is nowhere near NA standards and the price point was pretty high, which is to be expected.
I will continue to buy it as it arrived quickly and was the best bang for the buck I saw while reviewing multiple CBD websites.


Pain gone within 12 hours.
Highly recommend it for the aches and pains I that comes with getting older.

Excellent sleep

I bought Ozzy Hemp to help with my sleep having had great difficulty for a while. I now have been having excellent sleep since the first night I tried it!

Thanks for the great product : )

I first heard of CBD oil from my daughter while visiting her. I was staying at her house for a few days and mentioned that I was having a hard time sleeping. She asked if I wanted to try CBD oil, that it helped her getting to sleep. I tried it and it really helped and aside from helping me to get to sleep, but according to my wife I slept better. So now I order it online, it arrives in about 2-3 days.

Fast Delivery

Amazing service and super fast delivery. Looking forward to trying and fingers crossed it helps with my pain