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Has reduced my joint pain , and sleeping much better , great product


This is the only thing that helps me sleep. It’s incredible and also helps immensely with my pain in my hip. Thank you so much Ozzy Hemp for providing this, it’s a true life changer!!

This product is great, works wonders on settling your body when everything become overwhelming and you are still able to focus.


I have noticed significant results all symptoms associated with PTSD. Secondly helped with chronic hip pain. I was more motivated and active around the house.
Thank you

Beyond my expectations

Highly recommended. Reduced my anxiety... I was comfortably numb.

Great for Insomnia

After taking this oil for a couple of months, I am finally getting on top of my Insomnia Issues (4 years duration). It's great to get a consistent good night's sleep!

Amazing results

Been injured and out of sorts for a while and am a massive fan. My sleep is better, I'm motivated to get up in the mornings, I'm eating better, I'm not fuzzy in the head from prescription meds. Do it. It's amazing.

Works Well

Yes this CBD Oil is Recommended to help with pain , mood and Sleep . A1 Product

Liquid gold!

I have late stage emphysema and I have been taking the oil. The results are absolutely LIFE CHANGING! I can breathe, I can shower, and I even ran 50metres! I feel AMAZING! Highly recommend for lung issues!!!

Very happy all round

After much research decided on the broad spectrum with no THC. Was very adamant I wanted to use products with no THC. Recently did a drug test and it returned a negative for THC which is very comforting. Great product and delivery is super quick. Bit of trial and error with the getting the optimum dose for me but I have noticed my anxiety has greatly reduced. Been a life saver, will continue to purchase.


Been using the broad spectrum with no THC. This has been really good pain relief for degenerative disc in back and also knee and feet pain. I suggest this would be very useful for drug and alcohol addiction cravings or urges along with meditation, hypnosis, nootropics has worked well to reduce cravings. Highly recommend this product as you can still get in car without being drowsy or fail drug test. Also i have no side effects and sleep like a baby. I am careful to not overuse this product as i want maximum effect on specific days. I look forward to trying the other products in the future.

Amazing results

I got sick of chasing meds to help my chronic pain and anxiety and having no luck. Was recommended this product and have been impressed! Not only is the quality fantastic it works quickly and so well. It helps anxiety attacks, ease bad pain days and helps me get quality sleep.

good quality product

Working fine my day is less stressful after taking this. I’m taking half dropper in morning and half in evening.
Giving one less star as coupon code didn’t work

4500mg Full Spectrum

Amazing oil, help's with my sleep so much and general wellbeing.

Excellent Product

I think I feel less stressed, it’s only early days but very happy. Also I purchased for pain management

Excellent product

A great product that helps manage my rheumatoid arthritis pain.
I find I get a better sleep also. Reasonably quick delivery.

Very impressed

I loved it! Used it for 3 days and I have already started to see the difference in my anxiety levels, I will buy again when I run out. Thank you!

Highly recommended!

I'm very happy with this oil. I ordered Strong strength and taking half a dropper of it and I can see a lot is changing within my body, less pain and I'm able to sleep well finally. I was a little hesitant before buying but lucky I did.

A Blessing

Was so impressed immediately. I was reluctant to try but am so pleased I did. It works more quickly than I expected.....No side effects just calm vibes.....happy days

Good quality wick service

Good quality and quick and convenient service. Easy to deal with and keep us up to date

Pure cbd oil 4500mg

I really like the product works well and is more affordable than all the others on the market it has changed my life for the better love this oil

It has been over two weeks now and I have been taking 0.75ml twice daily and have found a noticeable improvement to my anxiety and impulsivity. Daily activities are less overwhelming and I don't appear to have any side effects from taking it either. I am happy with the product and will continue to buy.

Thank you so much. After being in chronic pain for so long,this is such a blessing, give ing relief and a quality of life Again

Excellent results

I bought this product for my wife and having used it she tells me it’s great and does the job of stopping pain in her hands toes and arm , she happily doesn’t need it all the time but only when she has pains, so therefore it’s working well for her so Excellent Results, so we can highly recommend it to anyone. Happy customer thank you

Very effective

Been dosing at nite and morning to help manage my arthritis pain. Helps me sleep and manage my days at work.